A Siberian Winter’s Tale

by Helen Lloyd

Out Now – Published December 2015

A Siberian Winter's Tale

The Siberian winter paradox – A dreamlike, white wonderland with a nightmarish, icy grip

In the depth of winter, Helen Lloyd spent three months cycling solo across one of the most remote, coldest inhabited regions of the planet – Siberia.
In temperatures down to -50oC, she battled against the cold and overcame her fear of wolves and falling through the ice of a frozen lake. Yet, alone in a hibernating land with little to stimulate the senses, the biggest challenges were with her mind.
Helen Lloyd portrays her struggles with solitude in this sparsely populated region whilst weaving a story full of characters she met on her journey along the Road of Bones.

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There are no shades of grey in this forested, snow-covered world. It is as though time itself has stopped and everything with it is frozen in the moment; only you continue to move, to change, to age; and the still world watches you pass through, an intruder breaking some hallowed, unwritten rule. Nothing else is moving. There is nothing else. You are alone with only the road and the trees.

“Cycling through Siberia in winter is a harsh, frightening, dangerous, painful undertaking. It is also a magical, enchanting, joyful experience that encapsulates the very best of extreme adventure travel. Helen has proved herself to be a voracious traveller and a tough adventurer.” – Alastair Humphreys