Desert Snow

Desert Snow Cover

by Helen Lloyd

Desert Snow is the story of one girl, one bike and 1,000 beers in Africa.

By daring to follow a dream and not letting fear prevail, Helen cycled across the Sahara, Sahel and tropics of West Africa, paddled down the Niger River in a pirogue, hitch-hiked to Timbuktu and spent three months traversing the Congo, which she thought she may never leave…

A lot can change in 2 years, cycling 25,000km from England to Cape Town. So can nothing.

Helen takes you with her on the journey through every high and low of her memories and misadventures. She describes a continent brimming with diversity that is both a world away from what she knows and yet not so different at all.


“This book should be added to the reading list of everyone who has an interest in travel.” – Sam Manicom, Travel Writer

“As with the greatest adventurers it is Helen’s spirit that shines.”- Tim Butcher, Journalist and Author of Blood River

“I have never read a cycling book that so accurately describes this life on the road.” – Mikael Strandberg, Swedish Explorer

“[This book] is a humorous and sensitive portrait of a continent and its people, and brims with absorbing anecdotes of adventures both fruitful and futile. Recommended for intrepid travel readers.” Getaway Magazine

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